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Top 5 Free Apps for Learning to Code

Top 5 Free Apps for Learning to Code

Till a few years ago coding was limited to developers and geeks. But as the world becomes more and more technology driven, coding has become the need of the hour. Every person needs to have a good basic knowledge of coding to understand how things work out with technology. More and more people have also started looking at coding as a career option, as there will be millions of opportunities for coders in the near future.

To help you in this cause, AndroidAgent has come up with some great apps which will help you code, whether you have a computer background or not.



Coursera brings to you free online courses from top universities in the world. It has to offer a wide range of different courses including programming/coding courses.

Once you install this app on your Android, you can view the different courses offered by different universities and check the duration of the courses and materials provided. The courses are taught by the best teachers from that particular field and the equality of education you get is top notch.


Coursera is a great example of how technology has taken online education to a greater level.

Get Coursera:

2.Code Avengers JavaScript Intro


Code Avengers JavaScript Intro brings you a basic one hour tutorial on JavaScript. The tutorial is specially designed by keeping in mind a beginner. Various JavaScript basics are taught using simple thought process, various models, games and practical exercise. This app makes JavaScript a whole much easier and engaging learning for a beginner.

Get Code Avengers JavaScript Intro:

3.Learn HTML

learn html.png

This free app teaches you the basics of HTML which is used to develop web pages using tutorial videos. After completion of every video, there is a series of questions and checkpoints which you need to clear.


The videos are really good and clear all your concepts. The app also has a Leaderboard where the marks of all, the app users are put up and people compete to get to the top spot.

Get Learn HTML:

4.GradeStack Courses and Exam Preparation


GradeStack comes up with various different courses and also prepares you for different examinations like the GRE or GMAT. The app comes with a few programming courses which include JavaScript and Java. The courses are nicely built into three main categories- Lessons, quizzes, and discussions.

The app has a good interface and the quality of the lessons is also creditable.


Get GradeStack Courses and Exam Info:

5.Udemy: Courses and Tutorials


Udemy offers programming courses for Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and many more. The app comes with a 24/7 availability of different courses, so you can take your lessons when you want. Many courses on the app come for free and some are paid. All you need to do is sign up, take up a course, find an instructor and begin.


Get Udemy: Courses and Tutorials:

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