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Now that the Samsung Gear VR and other devices have made mobile devices compatible with virtual reality gaming, it stands to reason that we’ll start to see more mobile games designed for the new format. And in most cases, this will probably mean entirely new gaming experiences. However, there are also a lot of fantastic Android games that already exist that would be wonderful if adapted for VR compatibility. Let’s look at five good examples.

The Room (& Sequels)

The Room Two by Fireproof Games

The Room Two by Fireproof Games

Interestingly enough, Fireproof Games has already designed a game meant for VR devices. Omega Agent is a clever title that places you in the role of a secret agent (with a jet pack) in training, and it’s available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR. But before Omega Agent, Fireproof produced three mobile games in The Room series that would be ideal for VR as well. They’re all about atmosphere and exploration, challenging players to investigate intricate, mysterious environments to progress through a mystical narrative. Praised for their visual beauty and the complexity of their puzzles, these are among the best mobile games we’ve seen in years, and their first-person presentation would translate easily and spectacularly to VR. The same goes for Simogo’s other games and experiences, including the weird but innovative The Sailor’s Dream, which is basically a playable novella.

Hitman: GO

Hitman GO

Hitman GO by SQUARE ENIX Ltd

Square Enix’s ever-expanding game selection has grown to include a few noteworthy mobile titles that act as additions to thriving console series. Hitman: Sniper may be the best of them, and it’s arguably the most detailed and enjoyable sniper game available in app stores (and there are many of them). It’s a very natural fit for VR as it’s entirely based on the first-person action and looking through a scope. Even the fact that you’re almost exclusively shooting from a fixed position works better than most shooter concepts for VR. All you need to do is sit, look, aim, and fire.

Betfair Casino


Betfair Casino

We’re already seeing some simpler games released for VR, and there’s even a poker game that’s already hit the market. But Betfair’s hub of casino games and jackpots would make for a complete casino experience for gamers, though they’d require a bit of re-design. Right now, this app’s games function essentially as computer arcades. That is to say, you’re looking at a game on a screen, rather than looking into a virtual casino environment in which there are games to play. But the pure variety of selection seems to resemble what we’re heading for with the inevitable expansion of casino gaming on VR.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spiderman Unlimited by Gameloft

Spiderman Unlimited by Gameloft

This is another game that would require a little bit of re-design, simply because as it exists now for mobile platforms, it’s in third-person. Gameloft’s android gaming options actually include a few first-person shooter and action options, but you have to imagine a Spider-Man experience would be a very cool starting point for endless runners on VR. Sure, you’d embody Spider-Man rather than get the chance to watch him in action, but there’s so much going on in this game that you’d still feel like you’re in the middle of a Marvel comic. Shooting webbing from your arms, kicking the Green Goblin out of your way, and swinging through New York City would be incredible.

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