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Five Best Apps you need to download ASAP

Five Best Apps you need to download

Are you looking for some great apps for your Android? You just got lucky!!!

Every week Android Agent brings you some great things that you can do with your Android devices. This week we bring you these Five Best Apps you need to download that are gold dust for your mobile phones. Once you install these on your phone, we guarantee, you will fall in love with them like we have.



Five Best Apps you need to download ASAP

Greenify is one of the best Utility app presents on the Play Store. This app will help you save a lot of valuable battery life. When you open the app, it comes with a long list of apps that are running in the background. You can choose from that list to hibernate or can add other apps that are not on the list using the “+” button. The app also lets you create a shortcut on your home screen to hibernate apps automatically.




Five Best Apps you need to download ASAP

ProxyDroid (REQUIRES ROOT) makes setting a proxy on your Android device incredibly simple. This free app supports HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy, as well as basic, NTLM, and NTLMv2 authentication methods. With ProxyDroid, you can set up a proxy for an individual app or several apps. By unsetting the global proxy feature, you can select specific apps. You can also set up multiple profiles, which means you can set a proxy for certain apps and another for yet more apps.

ProxyDroid is a free app which lets you set up a proxy on your Android phones. The app comes with a support to HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy. Setting up an individual proxy is also possible using ProxyDrioid. The only issue with this app is that it requires root access.



RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner:

Five Best Apps you need to download ASAP

RedLaser scans almost all major retail barcodes and QR codes for you. Once you scan a barcode, it looks up for that particular product with best prices on the internet. You can compare the prices and choose the best one for you.

Get RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner


Ambio – Sleep Sounds:

Five Best Apps you need to download ASAP

The Ambio app makes you sleep ready. The various soothing sounds available on the app help you to relax your mind and body. You can also create your own playlist, create mixes of sounds and also download more sounds to listen.

Get Ambio – Sleep Sounds


Total Commander – File Manager:

Five Best Apps you need to download ASAP

Total Commander is a real good app for managing all your files. This app is Android version of the desktop version of the same app. Total Commander gives you a complete control of your directories on your Android device.

Get Total Commander – File Manager


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