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The Best Security and Privacy Apps for Android Devices


The number of Android Smartphone and tab users is quite large. People choose Android devices because these are more cost-effective in comparison to windows and iOS phones. Android has built a great market and now it is improving to offer better security, features and privacy. New smartphones, which are using latest Android versions, are offering much-improved security. However, it doesn’t mean that you should throw the old Smartphone and buy a new one. There are some privacy apps, which you can install on your device to improve its security. These apps perform better functions than just blocking calls and removing adware and malware.


It is a wonderful texting app that improves the safety of your messages. Many entrepreneurs share their business plans by texting each other. It becomes quite easy for others to get access to your text messages and check the secret data. Text Secure offers end-to-end encryption facility, which means only you can get access to received texts. It is not like other private messengers, which require the same app at both ends to encrypt messages. It can work easily with your Smartphone’s messaging app and improve the privacy of messages.

F-Secure Phone Security:

Are you tired of adware and malware programs, which have reduced processing speed of your phone? Download F-secure phone security now to improve the safety of your device. Many apps release trouble causing programs that later become a big reason of reduced phone efficiency. You should check out features of the F-Secure app and install it. This will remove all trouble causing apps, offer calls and message blocking feature and it will also protect your device against attacks of hackers. It is why F-Secure is one of best privacy apps for Android smartphones.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor:

Sometimes users think that someone is monitoring their online movements. People do social networking, share business details and do many other things online. It can be risky for the privacy of an individual if someone else gets access to all the online movements of that individual. It can happen with you because hackers have great knowledge about how to break your privacy. Download Orbot: Proxy with Tor, which works as a proxy app. You can hide with the help of this app and do whatever you want without getting monitored or blocked.

The App Lock:

Many android Smartphone and tab users have installed App Lock in their devices. It is the best security app that prevents unauthorized access to other apps of your smartphone. You can lock apps like message app, phone app, social networking app and any other app of your Smartphone and set a password to gain access. Thus, only you will get access to the apps and your data will remain secure.

App Ops:

The users get many useless apps with their Android smartphones. These apps don’t improve the functionality of the smartphone, but they consume net data continuously. It is quite essential to block permission of such apps so that you can operate your phone in a better way. The App Ops app is a renowned android app permission manager through which you can block and unblock app permissions.

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