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5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android 2015

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android


Multiplayer games are which more than one individual can play in the same environment in the meantime.

Multiplayer games are always a good choice to play with your friends or your family, mostly on an android phone the fun is with the little kids.

As every week AndroidAgent brings you some best apps pick-ups, today we have 5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android handpicked for you!
All the games are great in their own gameplay, they are not in any specific order.

Pathogen – Strategy Board Game:

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android


A brainier classic game given a new look, the idea is to spread the viruses in a strategic way to win the game easy at first, but gets complex as the level goes on, add new cells or upgrade the existing ones to spread the virus wiping out the opponent’s cells, if you are good at chess you should give a try!


5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android


Ice Rage: Hockey:

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android

5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android


More than 2 million players! Ice Ranger brings ice hockey into the 21st century, having virtual joysticks to play with one offense player and one goalie. It’s same as glow hockey just little evil characters helping you to score. Find a clear view and shoot, having a dozen of characters to choose from, it’s not available in some countries though.







Trionix is a space themed triangle session of methodology and aptitude.

To win this game all you have to do is acquire as many triangle board spaces before your opponent does.

An intuitive game runs smooth, good UI must try!





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Glow Hockey 2:



Among the above games, I love this game a lot, the best game to play with friends if you have a big screen device.

Moreover, this game received a good amount of hits, on it’s Glow Hockey 1.

The Graphics are very good and the game is bug-free, a must have game in your app drawer!









Now, I don’t have to say anything right? Probably you know this game if not then you should know this game has over 20 million downloads.

However, many of you may not know that it’s more fun while playing multiplayer.

I used to play it, but after some days Badland got boring, no bonus or anything to keep going.

But if you have not played it yet, you should try it once!





BONUS | 5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android




Great game to bring people together, beautiful music very enjoying!

Yeah, you guessed it right, you really need someone to play this game with, must have if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.





Please do share and comment below, tell us if you will be downloading any one of these games!

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