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25 Best Free Useful Android Apps 2015

‘Smartphones’ the name I believe itself narrates the saga; phones today aren’t just to communicate. While on one hand Android is bus bringing newer versions of its operating system, app makers are far more busy in making human life easy (let’s call bringing new to earn more). This competing arena is benefitting Android users with best in class applications. Today through this article I’ll be sharing 25 Best Useful Android Apps 2015 and the coming time (fingers crossed). Let us have a look at these simply amazing and creative useful android applications that are making are life easier:

  1. Google Translate

Let us not go beyond the borders and keep ourselves in India; we have numerous languages that we speak. Apart from this strengthening social networking makes you close to people from different nationalities that speak vivid languages. In such circumstances, Google Translate is the most useful android app which bridges the language barrier. Translating more than 70 languages and allowing input through text, handwritten words or symbols and voice. So don’t worry keep going across the globe with no fear of Wi-Fi or roaming data charges. As they say ‘World is yours’.

Google Translate - AndroidAgent

  1. Circle of 6

Imagine it’s late at night and you are walking all alone over a road. Walking little ahead you notice a man following you, you fail to make a call or type any message; ‘stops your breath’. Don’t worry!! Two quick taps and this application will send pre-written text messages to your selected people (not more than six). All you need to do is install this app, type three messages and chose your circle. This application upon your instruction will send your GPS location and will ask your friends to contact you as early as possible. Sounds secure, isn’t it?

Circle of 6 -Free Useful Android Apps

  1. Whatsapp

I don’t think this one in particular needs any introduction. All I could say is, text them, call them or share your pictures and video without any hurdle. Whatsapp is undoubtedly today’s most popular messenger Android app available on android and has kept its user base steadily increasing.

Whatsapp - AndroidAgent

  1. Tumblr

It might have taken a little time for Tumblr to make a steady place among Android users. However the creative minds and those in the quest to find or have found something new, that will/might interest and impart knowledge to rest, soon found themselves drenched into the blogging interface offered by this android app.

Tumblr - AndroidAgent

  1. BBC Weather

You have plans to visit a new city and are unaware about the climate there or you have meeting or party scheduled but afraid about the weather. Stay relaxed BBC Weather will triple your experience while offering long range forecast in the smartly designed interface.

BBC Weather - AndroidAgent

  1. Vine

Vine is the most popular Android app with a 40 million registered users, the right place to get famous in a short time, basically Vine will simplify, beautify and massi(ve)-fy your movie making experience through its simple recording/stop motion/animation tool and not only this, once you are done with recording and editing, share it with your friends on social platforms.

Vine - AndroidAgent

  1. Instagram

Like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, Instagram is another application that has been creating buzz since long. Click your pictures, edit them, share them and if you find someone really attractive, grow your network by following them.

Instagram - AndroidAgent

  1. Kindle

Kindle is an application created by one of the largest online bookseller, Amazon. This app allows you to access numerous features that allow you to expand your reading hobby while you are on the go.

Kindle - AndroidAgent

  1. Evernote

It has been little long that Evernote has been serving not only teenagers but the corporate. The application allows you to take notes (I know this isn’t unique but wait) availing features like device sync, organizational features, and compatibility.

Evernote - AndroidAgent

  1. If by IFTTT

I accept IFTTT sounds like some code generated by the secret agency or like an application which teaches you ‘101 ways to be a detective’. But there isn’t anything of the kind, IFTTT means ‘If This Then That’ and this app might not teach you how to be a detective but will save you a lot of time to be one. There are certain tasks in our phone that we do on regular basis, all we need to do is assign them to IFTTT and relax. This mobile application will perform those tasks on your behalf without any glitches.

If by IFTTT - AndroidAgent

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0

Photoshop is undoubtedly the most famous and professional software to edit photographs and this application brings the desktop experience your palms. Through this application, you can click and edit your photographs before posting them off Facebook and Instagram and this all comes in a simple and beautiful user interface.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 - AndroidAgent

  1. Cookpad Recipes

Whether away from home or want to impress your parents and further get your weekend movie sponsored, this app might help you. Look for their favorite dish and learn how to cook it and wait and watch how you turn to be the ‘master chef’ with this useful android app.

Cookpad Recipes - AndroidAgent

  1. Pandora

If you are a music lover, this application gives you access over numerous songs that you can listen to and add them in your personal radio. The radio allows you to listen to those songs back to back. As they say, ‘Dance to the rhythm of life’.

Pandora - AndroidAgent

  1. PushBullet

This application connects your smartphone with your computer and will further notify you about everything buzzing your phone, on your desktop. Going with recent news, you’ll very soon be able to answer those important messages through your desktop itself, Pushbullet turns out to be useful android app by making it easy to send files from your PC to your smartphone without any cable.

PushBullet - AndroidAgent

  1. Navfree

“I don’t need this app I already have one from Google or ……” I presume this is what you would say prior to knowing this application, but they all need a data connection, right? The best feature about this application is that it doesn’t require any data connection and can effortlessly guide you all through your boulevard at no extra cost.

Navfree - AndroidAgent

  1. VLC

Before you skip, just want to assure that I’m talking about useful Android applications and VLC here is your same favorite desktop video player available in android market.

VLC - AndroidAgent

  1. Wikipedia

Though personally I’m not that one follower of Wikipedia interface but it has that one feature makes me keep this application in my phone and that’s the offline viewing. I mean it friends over 20 million articles in 280 languages are available for you whenever you need them. So be the one people admire for his/her vast knowledge.

Free Useful Android Apps Wikipedia - AndroidAgent

  1. Dropbox

This application will serve you as your personal cloud and keeps your stuffs well managed. It backs up your images and soon great you with them as soon as you login to your Dropbox account, irrespective of device you using.

Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent

  1. Slack

Slack is like your boss, colleague or business partner or rather I should say your business mate keeping all your team/business communications in place. Though you don’t have any restriction of using this app among your friends, I mean it’s about a group of people. Let us be practical we don’t care about intentions behind creating, we search for our comfort zone.

Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent

  1. Cocktail Flow-Drink Recipes

This app allows you to party hard and royal. It has a complete library presenting you popular cocktails and ways to create them. So what are you waiting for, if this is what makes you high, go ahead.

Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent

  1. DuoLingo: Learn Languages Free

With the numerous translating android application in the online market, I believe knowing a language is the way to interact. This application teaches around 6 languages at present, including French and Spanish. All you need is to be regular in your smartphone class to learn the language you want to.

Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent

  1. Wunderlist

The app store offers you many applications to maintain your to-do lists or those shared with friends and family (like the grocery). This isn’t the best part, as I believe this is what other too offers you. What I like the most in this application is its great user interface and ease of use. Try it once, it’s free.

App Download - AndroidAgent

  1. FxGuru

Do you like effects that are shown in any of the IMF movie, or the one in horror and alien movies (like MIB)? If your reply is yes, this application will be fun for you while you are in office or waiting for a flight to come or your friend. All you need to do is, open the application, shoot the area around you (I mean a mini clip) and add effects to it. How about a UFO entering the arena or a missile attack? I’m sure this will pass your time.

Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent

  1. Avast! Antivirus and Security

Get you handset secured from malware and antivirus; wait!! Features like remote wipe, lock and app management also. Oh Wait!! It also comes with battery manager and safe web browsing also. Wait!! This one is surely last; this all comes without even taking much of your space. Sound safe!! Isn’t it?

Free Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent

  1. SoundCloud

Take your love of music to the world without any boundaries, listen to remixes, DJ mixes, cover versions, live recordings and much more. This android app tends to be useful by its never ending list to fulfill your desires, now you can take your love for music to the next level.

Useful Android Apps - AndroidAgent


All this listed apps are best in their category and are a must have apps on your Android phone, Hope you like the Useful Android Apps list if you have any of your favorite app let us know drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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