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10 Best Android Launchers of 2015 Compared

Here are the 10 Best Android Launchers for you Android we have listed all the launchers which has one of a kind unique features, pick any we guarantee you will find the launcher of your taste.

The Android OS is popular for its customization. This feature of Android gives it an edge over the rival OS like iOS and Windows. If you truly want to customize your experience on Android and are sick and tired of the same old look on your Android phone then there are various Android launcher applications on the Play Store that can help you. This launcher application gives a fancy new look to your phone. They revamp the themes, layouts, animations, shortcuts and many other things giving you a refreshing experience.

Find out the top 10 launcher applications we feel are the best for your Android smartphone.


10. ZERO Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Zero Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Zero Launcher

A 3D launcher which is fast, responsive and small in size.

The Zero Launcher comes with a simple and elegant design and attractive icons. You can change the look of the application by accessing the Zero Store which provides you with a lot of different themes.

This launcher with it’s 3D effects and various customization options offer really good features which to a great extent give a cool look to your phone.

It is a small application and eats very little memory space.

Get ZERO Launcher:


9. Hola Launcher – Simple & Fast

10 Best Android Launchers | Hola Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Hola Launcher

With a size of just over 1MB, the Hola Launcher is tiny yet very powerful launcher. Not only the size is smaller but the RAM and battery consumption of the application is also minimized.

This makes it one of the fastest launchers available.

Hola has all the ingredients of a perfect Android launcher. Features such as Hola swipe, Hola Boost, and a lot other customization features forces you to give it a try.

Get Hola Launcher – Simple & Fast:


8. APUS Launcher-Small, Fast, Boost

10 Best Android Launchers | Apus Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Apus Launcher

Apus Launcher has the tendency to boost up the speed and battery life of your Android device and manage your favorite applications.

This launcher manages and organizes all your applications in a neat and clean manner without much of complications. Applications are sorted according to different categories. The ones with a higher priority are put on the home screen together for a faster access.

Apart from this there are other features such as changing the wallpapers, notification toolbar and access to the apps market.

Apus is thus a tiny dynamite application that gives a tough time to other launchers with it’s great features.

Get Apus Launcher:


7. Apex Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Apex Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is one of the best customization application available on the Play Store. This application gives you a complete control of the number of apps you want on your home screen.

The application offers app drawer control, gesture settings, icons and theme settings and transition effects. With the latest material design update, it gives a complete makeover to your Android device

There’s a paid version of the application available which adds more features to the launcher.

Get Apex Launcher:


6. Google Now Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Google Now Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Google Now Launcher

If you are enamored of Google’s Stock Android and want a Google ecosystem, then Google Now Launcher could be of help to you.

The Launcher brings you the stock experience even when you are not running one.

This launcher places the Google Now cards just a swipe away from your home screen and makes you search completely voice assisted.

With support to all devices running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later this launcher, brings you all your favorite Google products and services, like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps.

Get Google Now Launcher:


5. Nova Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Nova Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher is one of the oldest and the finest launcher application that you can find at the Play Store. The developers have worked hard over the years to bring you the best experience.

Nova Launcher gives you a complete control of your home screen and a liberty to change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations and more.

Unlike the Google Now Launcher, this application comes with high level of customization and an incredible performance.

There’s also a paid version called the Nova Launcher Prime which comes loaded with more great features and even more customization options.

Get Nova Launcher:


4. Z Launcher Beta

10 Best Android Launchers | Z Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Z Launcher

Z Launcher is a beta version launcher application from the mobile giants Nokia. Developed to accompany their upcoming product the N1 Android tablet, this launcher is worth trying.

The launcher comes with a set of some cool features like the scribble, where you draw a letter and the launcher brings up applications beginning with that letter. The adapt feature where the launcher adapts to what you are doing and brings up stuff that matter at that time. The launcher also comes with some other customization options.

The launcher still being in the beta version is quite powerful and a tough competition to the others in this 10 Best Android Launchers.

Get Z Launcher Beta:


3. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

10 Best Android Launchers | Next 3D Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Next 3D Launcher

If you are bored with the same old features that every mobile launcher has to offer and want to turn your phone into some sci-fi device with some 3D effects, Next Launcher is a great option to have.

With the tendency to apply real 3D visual technology, Next Launcher gives a complete overhaul to your phone, unlike any other launcher. The transformation is so very impressive that it  surely makes some heads turn.

The only problem with this application is that running 3D animation eats up a lot of your battery power.

Get Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite:


2. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Yahoo Aviate Launcher

10 Best Android Launchers | Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher is a streamlining based launcher. This launcher does everything for you. It manages all the applications according to your need, based on the time of the day and when they are used the most.

When you are traveling the travel apps come up, listening to music, then music apps pop up. Aviate is a colorful minimalistic launcher  and is one of the best apps from Yahoo.

Get Yahoo Aviate Launcher:


1. Buzz Launcher-Smart & Free Theme

10 Best Android Launchers | Buzz Launcher

Buzz is the best launcher we have ever come across and that’s the reason it’s on top of our countdown.

Buzz is a very customizable launcher and when we say customizable, it means some serious customization.

Buzz is a hit among Android users because it is an ad-free app which comes with 800,000 custom themes available for download that too for free. Besides, you can create as many screens for your phone with Buzz, set up gesture control, apply transition effects and edit icon design.

Buzz is a very responsive launcher which offers you with a rich and satisfying experience. Do try this free launcher and let us know.

Get Buzz Launcher:


This is what we thought of the best android launchers. Do tell us about your favorite launchers.

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