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Try Windows 10 on Your Lumia before Its Release

Windows OS lovers and tech enthusiasts have all been very excited about the Windows 10 OS since its announcement. Most of you must be eager to try this new OS and experience it. Microsoft did release a public preview version of the OS for desktop and laptop computers but did not release it for Lumia devices.

However, Microsoft has now released a preview version which will support a limited number of Lumia devices. This step taken by Microsoft is with regard to its goal of having a unified OS for both computers and mobile phones.

If you have a Lumia device running Windows 8.1 and want to upgrade, but can’t wait for Windows 10 release, then you can sign up for the Widows Insider Program and get your device registered. Once you are done with the registration, Windows Insider app gets installed on your device. You need to follow the further steps and install the preview version of Windows 10 on your device. According to Microsoft, Lumia devices 630, 635, 638, 730, 830, 930 and 1520 support the preview version currently.

According to Microsoft, one must avoid this update as it can result in data loss because it is still in the development stage and is quite buggy.

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