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All That You Need To Know About Google Nexus 5 2015

All That You Need To Know About Google Nexus 5 2015

All That You Need To Know About Google Nexus 5 2015


When it comes to launching its new OS Google has always released it with their Nexus devices. Android KitKat was released with the Nexus 5 and Lollipop with Nexus 6. The Nexus devices have been the one’s to run the latest Android OS first. Google recently announced its upcoming Android OS called the Android M and now going by the tradition it must be released with a Nexus device. If the rumors are true, a new Nexus device will soon be launched by Google.

According to the rumors, Google is planning to bring a new Nexus phone which will be a predecessor to their very successful Nexus 5 and will be called Nexus 5 2015. It is also said that the Nexus lovers were unhappy with the design and the price point of the recently launched Nexus 6 and did not do as good as the Nexus 5.

Google wants to get things right this time around with the Nexus 5 2015 which will be similar to the successful Nexus 5 with respect to the design.

Google is yet to make any official statement on Nexus 5 2015 but, rumors say it will be launched along with Android M in the third quarter.



Rumors and speculations about the features that Nexus 5 2015 will bring with it are already making rounds on the internet. It is being said that the device will have a 5.5 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen with 4GB RAM and run Snapdragon 820 processor. Nexus 5 2015 will have a powerful 4000mAh removable battery and USB Type-C port. The camera on the device will be a 13 MP front camera and 20 MP rear camera with OIS 2.0 and F/1.8 lens.

According to a report by AndroidPolice, Google will be offering Nexus 5 2015 users two-year guarantee updates of the Android OS and security patches for 18 months from the date of purchase from the Play Store.

Additionally, the new Nexus is also rumored to come with Google’s Android Pay for faster payments.

A new security feature that the Nexus 5 2015 is expected to have is a fingerprint sensor which scans the fingerprint of the owner to allow access to the phone just like the Apple iPhone.

This is what the rumors are saying currently and we don’t guarantee that they are true. Everything will be clear once we get to hear from the makers.

We hope to hear an official statement and a release date of Nexus 5 2015 from Google soon. For the time being, we will be bringing you all the rumors and speculations about the new Nexus. We will update you with every important news about it.

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