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Limited Edition Iron Man Samsung S6 Edge Sold for $91,000

The limited edition Samsung S6 edge was sold online in China. This limited edition handset was auctioned on which received 92,429 bids. The final price was 568,788 Yuan, or 112.6 million won while the actual price of the handset is only $1,076. is the second largest retailer in China.

A remarkable red tone both on back and front is what makes it look unique and different than all other units but the real reason which made it a $91,000 is the fact that red color is given fame in China.

Samsung S6 edge Iron Man- AndroidAgent

Samsung S6 edge Iron Man- AndroidAgent

The device had a serial number 66, and the 6 is considered as a fortunate number in the country, but don’t worry this is not the last handset release, Samsung is planning to market 16 million units in China itself.

Officially only 1000 units are available in only one country that is South Korea, the limited edition has the same specifications as Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, but the limited edition has a bigger battery life and unique red color iron man theme, with a wireless charger which looks like an Iron Man’s arc reactor.

This is a nice way to make a huge profit in the market, all you have to do is change the phone scheme to some superhero character, and nobody knows how much Samsung paid Marvel to get the rights to do this.



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