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Android M: 7 Killer Features To Die For

AndroidAgent is coming with 7 most awaited features about Android M which will make you completely crave for it.

Lollipop had been just a bad update to Android KitKat we would say, except the design and customizations no thought was given to its performance and the battery the core was weak more like a “fancy update”, but to fill this Android M was announced at the Google I/O.

Google I/O © Google

Google I/O © Google

No More “move to SD storage”:


This has been the worst thing ever in an Android phone, moving files, apps, games from Internal storage to SD storage, no more suffering from Android M external storage is considered as an internal storage both are treated as one now, no sufferings this can be a piece of good news for every user and it is for the developers too, but not for the developers of apps like move to SD and app2sd they are more likely to exist only for a few more years until everybody starts using Android M.


The Doze Mode:


As the name suggests it’s a clever mode, which will make your phone go to a short sleep if there is no activity for a distinct time, like a “smart standby” many lollipop users were complaining the issue where the phone battery don’t last when they were sleeping or when the phones were on standby due to the apps like Google Now, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Skype, which needs to run for the entire time in the background resulting in draining out the battery, to solve this, we usually force stop the apps or use apps like Greenify which automates the force closing apps if you have dozens of apps.

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So no more worries all the apps from now will just go to sleep (dozing) unless you awaken them making the battery last two times longer than before.

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The Double Tapp:


Now on Tap is a new feature introduced in Android M which launches Google Now just on a double tap to the home button, which is introduced because it takes less time than to swipe the home button to launch the Google Now plus Google Now gets replaced by third-party apps like Firefox search or Robin making Google Now loose in the woods of apps, but now double tap will make you launch Google Now and swiping upwards will bring you your reserve app.

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Fingerprint Scanning:

Android M: Fingerprint Scanning Support

Android M: Fingerprint Scanning Support


Yes, that’s true now every Android phone will have the fingerprint scanning feature as of now in the hood, it’s seen in the phones from the Samsung Galaxy flagship.

This support will surely make the phone’s security, more secure including the payments made from your phone, now it’s called the Android Pay which works like Samsung pay and the Apple Pay.

This update is going to be universal everyone from now onwards will start using Android Pay rather than Google Wallet, which really is a good security update rather than phone security.


The Official Floating Toolbar:

We all have been enjoying the floating feature from third-party apps, but now Google officially added an essential feature to Android M, which makes the cut-copy-paste task better furthermore hassle-free by a floating cut-copy-paste toolbar prompted only when the user long press the selected text.

It looks like Google is improving its every small function in Android M.


The Multi-Window Support:


As of now multi-windows is seen on the LG, Samsung and other Android OEMs this feature is always envied as it certainly would increase the productivity and at last Google is making this available for every phone running on Android M now, this is a screenshot taken by a Reddit user.

Android M 7 cool features: Multi-window

Android M 7 cool features: Multi-window


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The Reddit user claims this support is very buggy and may not be productive at all, it’s because it’s an experimental feature and development is still in progress.


Revoking App Permissions:


Downloading apps from GooglePlay seems to be safe, but throughout the year we have seen many games which, when installed steals contacts list, email, camera access, microphone access which has nothing to do with the gameplay right?

This happens when the app requires certain permissions to get installed, so to stop this scam Google has added a new feature in Android M where you can select what permissions you want to give to each app, you can revoke any app permission if you don’t have Android M than to access this feature you have to root your device.


Comment below, and tell us what features you wish to be there.

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