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What New-Breed Android Marshmallow Covers in its Bonnet?

Android 6.0 named as Android Marshmallow is the latest Android update, especially focuses on enhancing the overall user experience and loads more features for users and developers to enjoy.

According to Google, the latest release has a “back to basics” theme that focuses on “polish and quality.” No doubt, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the smartest Android version yet. What makes it smarter? Let’s check out

Honed App Permissions:

android marshmallow features

Many applications request permission to use. Before this update, you had to accept such permissions en masse. Instead of all or nothing, users can choose exact access to grant specific applications.

Moreover, applications that designed for the update only needed permission. There are some apps which require permissions for reasons, and deactivating access may have unintended consequences. Here, the best thing is users are free to consider the trade-offs for themselves. And if denying permission doesn’t work according to you then you just have to tap and swipe away from restoration.

Fingerprint Recognition:

Users can have fingerprint scans in many android devices. However, they have to depend on the hardware manufacturer. Now, one can avail fingerprint scanning in a uniform way on more phones.

It enables users to enjoy lock screen accessibility and features like Android Pay that will be preinstalled on phones.

App links:

When users are choosing a web link from some place, Android doesn’t know whether to display it on the web browser or not. Such problems are mainly faced by developers before Android 6.0 update.

Some of you may have an idea about ‘Open with’ dialogue box that appears when users open a link within the android app. You might be asked to open a link with Chrome, YouTube or some other option. After this update, app links are being changed and now, Android comes with the greater know-how of which application can open content directly rather than stopping users every time with the dialog box.

Remarkable Web Experience:

Web content is providing better user experience when communicating with apps and websites. The latest feature Chrome Custom Tabs, provide developers a new way to yoke all Chrome’s capabilities by keeping control over look and feel.

Using Chrome Custom Tabs, one can easily open a customized Chrome window of the top of the active application rather than introducing the Chrome application separately. Thus, users can have faster and more instinctive user-experience when exploring the web and applications. For better assistance of the app and web experience, Chrome Custom Tabs support saved passwords, autofill, automatic sign-in, and multi-process security.

Mobile payments:

android marshmallow features

Now, check out process becomes easier and safer with Google’s new mobile payments system, Android Pay. With this mobile payment system, Google aims to deliver ‘simplicity, security, and choice’ to its users. It enables to use existing credit cards to make payment in 700,000+ stores in the US.

The Android Pay platform is compatible with any device featuring NFC capabilities and supports by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover and carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

Improved Battery:

android marshmallow features

We don’t want that our battery drain quickly. All thanks to Marshmallow that minimize our pain by using the latest function named as Doze, which enhance device standby time.

Android will recognize when your smartphone has not interacted with you. Using motion detectors, android will know when you have left your device on a table or when you are sleeping.

Interestingly, Doze mode enables android to ring an alarm or can give priority notifications.

This latest update supports USB Type-C that provides faster charging and enables users to charge other devices with their smartphone.

Google Now on Tap:

For those who are unaware, Google Now on Tap is an improved step on Google Now that provides relevant and timely information within the email, app and conversation, so you don’t have to wait from the moment at hand.

Google Now on Tap is the most interesting feature of this latest update that delivers information on useful things, including movie times, shortcuts to navigation, Twitter profiles, restaurant reviews, information on people, related apps, and so on. It could be one of the excellent features Google has unveiled.

Enhanced cut, copy and paste:

Right now, when we are selecting text on a current Android device, we find a collection of confusing icons on the top of the screen. But now, no more confusion as in this update, the words ‘cut’, ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ will simply hover above chosen text and such thing make the process simpler and easier than before.

Small Things Make Big Impression – What Else Available in Android Marshmallow?


Auto Backup & Restore for Apps:

Android ‘Auto Backup and Restore for Apps’ feature is used along with Google Drive to backup data automatically. The backup occurs once in a day with a file size of 25 MB or less. It runs only when the device is idle and connected to Wi-Fi and power.

In case, you lose the device or delete the app, you can restore your data next time you install.

Adoptable Storage Devices:

android marshmallow features

The latest new storage feature, Adoptable Storage Devices takes an external storage source and formats it like an internal storage space. Now, users are free to move their data between devices internal storage and its ‘adopted’ storage source.

Home screen rotation:

Finally, the screen rotation function has arrived to make its space in Android update. Now, users can use their device in the landscape both for the home screen and applications.

New app drawer:

android marshmallow features

A new app drawer is an immediate and the most obvious visual changes you can have in Android 6.0. Now, users can find scrolls vertically instead of horizontally and have a muted shade of your homepage wallpaper. There are four most recently used apps listed on the top of the menu.

Network Settings Reset option:

Network Settings Reset setting is available in the Backup and Reset settings that enable you to use all your network settings such as Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi connections, and cellular data.

Dark Theme:

android marshmallow features

A ‘Dark theme’ option is available for menu background to turn into a dark gray color. Such things only affect the settings menu.

Apart from many more small features make its way towards Android Marshmallow. Are you impressed by Android 6.0 Marshmallow? Let us know in the comments section below.

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