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The Secret to Rooting your Android Phone/Tablet (Quick Guide)


How to root your android phone/tablet (quick guide)

We have covered everything, Are you thinking to root your phone/tablet than you’re in a right place.

The components to become familiar with the root account, otherwise called the Superuser account, are evacuated in shipping Android manufactures and must be physically restored through the procedure known as “rooting”.

Rooting itself differs from gadget to gadget.

Why root?

  • Do you want to remove the bloatware (pre-installed apps) which you don’t need?
  • Do you want to noticeably speed up your phone/tablet?
  • Do you want to install incompatible apps?
  • Do you want to run specific apps which require root to have full access?
  • Do you want to remove ads from any app?
  • Do you want to have access to a trial app?
  • Are you bored with the UI (user interface)?

There are endless possibilities to dig if you rooted your phone/tablet.

Why not root?

  • It voids your warranty.
  • You may perceive some unexpected errors.
  • Phone/tablet vulnerable to security risks.
  • Rooting is not everyone’s piece of cake (if you did anything wrong while rooting you’ll suffer).
  • You will not receive at all official updates for your device.

Scared? Don’t worry, you can revert all the rooting you did to the previous system UI after a successful root, this will save your warranty.


Still here? Awesome, Let’s Root It.


How to root your phone:

HTC One (M8)

  1. Unlock bootloader via
  2. Install TWRP from
  3. Flash the SuperSU root zip from

Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Download the Odin flash utility from
  2. Download the CF-Auto-Root package from
  3. Extract the TAR file from the CF-Auto-Root zip3
  4. Select the TAR file as type PDA in Odin and flash with your device in download mode.

Sony Xperia Z2

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your device:
  2. Download ClockworkMod Recovery from and flash using fast boot
  3. Reboot to recovery and fl ash the SuperSU root zip from
  4. How to backup and restore your phone:
  5. Install a custom recovery. Download Flashy tool and Flash a custom recovery.
  6. For recovery, you can use an app or use an ‘adb reboot recovery’ command via your PC, Reboot to recovery.
  7. When your device has rebooted to recover, you can either use the touchscreen (if you have a touch-enabled recovery) or use the volume buttons and the power button to navigate through the menu and select the backup option, Start back up.
  8. Search your recovery mode key combination in Google. Else, an app such as Quick Boot from Google Play will help you enter recovery, Reboot to recovery.
  9. When you’ve started the restore, make sure you let it complete and ideally try to be plugged into mains power. You will likely end up with a non-booting system, Start restore.

Best ROMs out there CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, AOKP, Omni ROM, and Android Revolution HD (ARHD) Compatibility.


Where to find root apps?

  • XDA-Developers.
  • Blackmart.
  • Play store (search for root)


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