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How to Decide The Best Phone For Yourself



Buying a mobile can be very tempting, and many people rush falling to buy a phone without checking it’s features or the competition in the market,

The ever-rising demand for mobile phones resulted in huge market making it hard to buy a good reliable mobile out there each having its own drawbacks.

It takes a lot of time to decide the best phone to buy fulfilling the needs everyone does a long research, and probably that’s wasting time, Right?

Every mobile has some features better than all, but it lacks in some features as well, maybe there are some features you don’t need.

So below you’ll find the four main aspects of a smartphone today, and know what exactly your phone should not sacrifice in and helping you decide to buy the phone worth for you and satisfying all your needs, and saving a huge money.


Today, it’s all about the battery itself, if you don’t have a large battery, and you’re from one of those travelling type, then it’s all a nightmare unless you buy an expensive 10,000mAH power bank, Although it’s better to buy a good device with large battery life.

Some devices offer many great features, and many people fall for it without checking where it got compromised, usually it’s the battery capacity, take the example of the Micromax Yu Yureka or Samsung Galaxy S4 (<=2600mAH) both indeed have stunning features, but it lacks in the battery life which is only 2500 mAH, Li-ion Battery after testing it, the results are that it will survive for just 6 hours, after some gaming and using causal application such as WhatsApp with constant use of internet through mobile network.

Again, the battery drain also depends on the size of the screen as well, you should not buy a large screen device with less capacity.

Nowadays, a phone with battery capacity >3000mAH performs pretty well.

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Going with the megapixels (MP) is a very dumb idea, unless it’s the latest Panasonic Lumix CM1, a minimum requirement in a camera can be 8MP, auto focus with flash and touch to focus feature, today every device is majoring on having a minimum 13MP camera.

The best at the moment is Panasonic Lumix CM1, HTC Desire Eye, iPhone 6 plus, and yeah the Samsung galaxy S6.

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A minimum need is 2GB, but going for more or equal to 4GB ram is the best thing,

But the ram and the processor are interrelated, if you have 4GB RAM with a bad processor it’ll do no good.

If you want an easy and lag free experience while playing multitasking with heavy apps, then you’ll need a large amount ram, which is satisfied by a 4GB RAM.

But there are devices which use 3GB ram and it’s still flawless due to it’s high-end processor, one of the examples is the latest Samsung Galaxy S6.


A 4.5” screen device fits perfectly in your palm, but the question is are you satisfied with the size?

No one cares if it fits or not perfectly, and there are some people who will go for buying a phablet for their daily use.

Like the Sony Z ultra, having 6.4” LCD screen, but on an average the perfect size to use is a 5.5” screen.

Now, you are successfully trained and can possibly differentiate between a good and bad device you can go and crave for the phone worth for your needs, if your phone has these above requirements, if the answer is a Yes!

Then lets’s buy it.

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