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How to Capture Screenshots on Your Android and iOS Phones

We all are used to taking screenshots on our PC, Screenshots are quite useful when it comes to keeping a note of something for any future reference or for sharing purposes.

Taking screenshots on a PC is an easy task and this applies to your smartphones as well.
If you are new to using smartphones, we will show you how you take screenshots on your android and iOS.


In order to take a screenshot on your Android device all, you need to do is press and hold the power button and the volume up button on your phone together. If you do it right, the screen will blink and make a camera shutter sound. You can check in your notification bar if there’s a notification saying “screenshot captured”, Your screenshot is saved in your gallery.

For iOS:

Just like Android, taking screenshots on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad is also very easy. Hold the power button on top of your device and than press and release the home button. This will capture a screenshot for you and save it to your phone gallery.


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