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How to Boost Graphics and Gaming Performance on Your Android Device

If you are in love with gaming and have a rooted android device, than GL Tools can help you have more control over the graphics on your phone.

GL Tools provides you with a PC-like control of graphics on your Android device. This application lets you make changes to the setting of any application that is running on your phone.

GL Tools is available on the Play Store and requires root access. Once you install the application you will be able to boost the performance of the games on your device. This app comes in handy if you are using a lower end Android device.

Warning: You need to have basic knowledge about graphical terminology for using this application.

Steps to install and run GL Tools:

1. Download GL Tools from Play Store

GL Tools is available on the Play Store and is a paid app. If you have a rooted device and are ready to spend some bucks to boost it’s performance than you can go for it.  Download and install it.

GL Tools.png

2. Choose the right settings:

Once you have installed the app you need to open it and select the plugin TEX (DE) coder instead of the default coder. The TEX (DE) coder comes with more options than the default coder. Check the agreement boxes at the bottom and than press install.

GL Tools1.png

3. Give root access:

Give root access to the app. This will allow it to install the new plugin in a partition and will reboot the phone.


4. Open the app:

After rebooting the phone open the app and you will find a list of apps installed on your phone.


5. Select a gaming app:

GL Tools2.png

Select a gaming app from the list and tap on it. You will see alot of different options come up. This is where you will need to use your graphical knowledge. Go to the GPU name option.


6. Turn on use fake GPU info:

Select the checkboxes to turn on fake GPU this will make the phone think it’s running a different or a higher processor, Select the option to use a template for a powerful chipset.

After these steps, your phone will start running the gaming apps which were not working before or malfunctioning.



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