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How to get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone without rooting it

How to get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone without rooting it

get CynogenMod on your Android Phone

get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone


Are you in love with CyanogenMod applications? Do you want those apps to work on your Android device? If the answer to this is a big Yes! Then you should try out this app which I am going to share with you today | get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone.

But, before that, let’s get you a brief of what exactly CyanogenMod is. According to CyanogenMod’s Wikipedia page CyanogenMod is an Android based Open-source operating system developed for smartphones and tablets. The features and options CyanogenMod brings is different from those you find on phones with an Android OS.

Why Choose CyanogenMod over Android?

  • CyanogenMod brings you pure Android experience
  • Integrated OTA updates
  • No ROM Flashing required while update
  • More privacy and security compared to Android as it runs SELinux under the hood
  • The most important – gives Superuser/root access to the device

Besides, CyanogenMod also lets you choose different themes, styles, different icons, fonts, sound packs, and also various boot animations to customize your device. Another important reason to have CyanogenMod on your Android device is the large array of supported devices. Once your device gets older, it stops getting latest updates from the device makers, but CyanogenMod brings latest updates every now and then with easy to download options which can give your phone a new lease of life.

Okay, Now that you know a bit about CyanogenMod and all the features it brings with it, you can give it a shot, right?

If you are not yet convinced about installing it on your device and want to stick with your Android OS, but also want CyanogenMod experience because you heard a lot of its great apps, then you need to install this app named CM Apps.

CM Apps is a free to download the app available on Google Play which offers a maximum of 10 applications that only come pre-loaded with the CyanogenMod custom ROM. The good thing about this app is, you don’t need to root your phone for running CyanogenMod apps on your Android device.

Now, how cool that is? A single app that comes with over 10 apps that will give a complete CyanogenMod look to your Android device.

Follow this step by step guide which will tell you how this can be done.


1. Download CM Apps from the Play Store:

The first and very basic things to do is search and install the application on your Android.

2. Open and Browse the App:

After the installation, launch the app and browse through the various apps inside the CM Apps.

3. Choose and Install:

Choose one of the apps from the list which you want to have on your Android device. Once you, are decided, click on it. The app will ask your permission to download. Say “OK”.

4. Open and Enjoy:

Now open the downloaded new CyanogenMod app and start using it.

Most of the apps offered by the app do work fine without any bug.



get CynogenMod on your Android Phone

get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone



get CynogenMod on your Android Phone

get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone


The app currently supports and offers the following apps | get CyanogenMod on your Android Phone:

  • Apollo Music Player
  • Calculator
  • Camera App
  • CyanogenMod File Manager
  • CyanogenMod Wallpapers
  • Clock Widget
  • Sound Recorder
  • Torch Light
  • CyanogenMod Launcher


This app won’t give a pure CyanogenMod experience, but to some extent quench your thirst for CyanogenMod and will give you an idea or say a preview of how your phone can look and function like while running CyanogenMod.

Download CM Apps:


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