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Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000: Which Phone To Buy?

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 is trending momentarily, everyone wants to know the difference, the reason, to help them make the right decision. This is the right place to know, certainly here you can know which is the best phone to invest in, but if money is the only concern then you might be planning to buy the Lenovo A7000 but trust me investing a little more can make a difference or not if you can spare few additional features of Lenovo K3 Note.

Lenovo A7000 vs Lenovo K3 Note androidagent

Lenovo A7000 vs Lenovo K3 Note

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 androidagent

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000

Why Lenovo K3 Note Over Lenovo A7000?

Buying Lenovo K3 Note can be a genuine option as it is the latest device from Lenovo, there are some negligible improvements over Lenovo A7000 related to the sound quality which  is not up to the mark, but as of now Lenovo K3 Note has the Dolby Atoms sound technology which is surely the best you can get at this price, even the primary camera on the Lenovo A7000 is awful just an 8MP but, to solve this concern Lenovo K3 Note comes with a 13MP primary camera, so there you go if camera is what you want in a phone Lenovo A7000 is probably a bad choice, but if you call yourself a “selfie addict” then no worries both of them has the same decent 5MP shooter.

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 androidagent

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000

Now let’s get to the most important feature which is the storage memory, as everyone hates that “insufficient space” notification you should know that Lenovo A7000 will be prompting you all the time for insufficient space, due to its 8GB internal memory storage, you will have to install a limited number of apps and games, as they will expand the internal storage space. While on the Lenovo K3 note we have a 16GB “good to go” internal memory storage.

These are the key elements where the Lenovo K3 Note excels the Lenovo A7000, there are more things where Lenovo K3 Note is still better with the Full HD screen resolution, bigger battery life, and slightly fast processor.


We hope now you know the right phone to buy from our Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 comparison tell us which one you are going to buy? Don’t Forget to like and share.

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