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SwiftKey releases a new experimental Keyboard app named “Clarity”


From the makers of the very popular third party, Android Keyboard application SwiftKey brings a new product called “Clarity Keyboard Beta”. This new app comes as an experiment from SwiftKey’s division “SwiftKey Greenhouse” which will help you to focus on what you’re writing and offers simple ways to type.

The need for SwiftKey to come up with an app like this is because many keyboard users complained of the difficulty while dealing with the spell checker and tapping on suggested words while writing. Clarity app, on the other hand, comes with “multi-word autocorrect” feature which automatically make changes to the text entered by you, and, if it gets it wrong, you can tap the backspace key to undo its auto-corrections.

Clarity just like the flagship keyboard gets better and better with more usage. The app gets used to your typing habits and learns all your slang, nicknames, and phrases.

It is compatible with Android 4.4+ and temporarily supports English (US) only.

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According to SwiftKey, their Clarity app is an experiment and still under development. They are testing the beta version and going to work on it more when they receive feedbacks from the users.


Overall, we can say that Clarity’s groupings of words feature makes it smarter than traditional keyboards and also doesn’t lower your typing speed. Though, it is in beta version, it still does fine and we can expect it to do great once it’s available in full version on the Play Store.

Download it here:

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