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Review: Shuttle Music Player




The shuttle is a stunner of a music player that has a Google Now inspired material design and is one of the top music apps.

It is a fully featured music app that comes with features like creating your own playlists, editing your music tags, managing queues.

Apart from these the app allows you to choose from a number of themes and various customization options.


According to the developer Shuttle, is all in one app that manages all your music.

The shuttle also downloads album artwork of your songs from last.FM automatically. When you double tap the artwork of a song the lyrics of that particular song appears.

The shuttle also lets you keep a track of your favorite music with most played playlist which includes a play counter.

Gapless playback along with a built-in 6 band equalizer and third-party digital signal processors so you get the out of your audio.


The shuttle also supports native audio tunnelling which saves the battery of your phone while you enjoy your music. (Not available for all devices)

The shuttle also comes with a sleep timer and chrome cast to your TV.

The shuttle is available for free and also comes with a premium version called Shuttle +.

Get it here (Free):

Paid Version:

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