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Review: Musixmatch Music & Lyrics

Musixmatch Music & Lyrics

Musixmatch Music & Lyrics

The winner of the “Best App 2014” on the Play Store and App store Musixmatch is one of the best music apps around making it enter our Top 10 Music player for android.

Musixmatch is a beautifully designed mobile app with a beautiful interface.

When you open the app you will find the music on your device bifurcated into different sections like albums, genres, artists, folders, tracks, and playlists.

The vital feature that differentiates this app from other music players is that it displays the lyrics for the song which you are listening too.

All you need is to be connected to the internet and when you play a song the app will detect it and fetch the lyrics from its server and display it.

You can add those lyrics as your favorite so that when you are off-line the app displays it when you play that song.

The other thing about this app is if you are not listening to your music on the musixmatch app or say you are on the Play Music app or Poweramp and are connected to the internet than the app will display the song lyrics to which you are listening to.

In such case, a lyric bubble pops out and displays the lyrics of the song.

The Music ID is another outstanding feature of Musixmatch app.

Suppose you are listening to a song on your television and want to find out the artist of the song and it’s lyrics.

In such case, open your Musixmatch app and turn on the Music ID from the sidebar and hold your smartphone in such a way that the app is able to capture the audio of the song.

Once it detects it Bingo you just found out the lyrics and it will display the lyrics of the song line by line as the audio is played from your television.

Editing song info and fetching of album artwork are some other stunning features that come with Musixmatch.

Such great features, enriched user experience, and an equalizer make this app a must have for any android user.

Musixmatch Music & Lyrics:

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