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Review: Google Play Music Player

Google Play Music

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oogle has always come with some great applications on the Play Store and Play Music is one such great product from them.

A lot of music applications have come and gone, but Play Music has always been very popular since its release mainly because it is a Google product.


The Play Music app is not a very good looking app compared to a Power Amp but with its latest material design it is a tough contender to all other apps making it to hit our Top 10 list of Music player for .

The Play Music app is a great app to discover your music and share your music with your friends as it integrates with all of the Google’s services.

The app comes with a feature of playing millions of songs stored on the cloud which is one hell of a feature.

With the latest update to the app we can subscribe to listen to a million songs on Google Play, listen to a radio and enjoy playlists that are created by music experts according to your music taste.

We can even buy new music from the Play Store.

Apart from these features such as creating your own playlist and listening to an instant mix created by the app are also cool.

The app is free to download from the Play Store or its pre-installed in most of the android devices in partnership with google.

Google Play Music:



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