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Review: Equalizer Music Player



As, the name suggests Equalizer Music Player is a music player which comes with an equalizer.

This app is one of the simple looking apps on the PlayStore and also features in our Top 10 Music Apps countdown.

The Equalizer app is a very decent and simple design app which supports almost every audio format.

Let’s see what exactly the app has to offer:

You need to download and install the Equalizer app from the PlayStore. When you open the app you will find the app displaying options like songs, playlists, folder, artists, albums and videos.

You got to select one of those options as to how you want to view your music on the app. The Equalizer is one of those apps which allows you to even play your videos.


The equalizer on the app is a simple graphic slider with some presets which are easy to use and help to enrich your music listening experience.

The app also comes with some presets which you can set which enjoying your music.

Other features such as the sleep timer and shake to skip are also cool and make the experience better.

If you want some more advanced features like access to virtual surround sound and more you can get it with the premium version.


Get Equalizer Music Player:

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