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Cortana Voice Assistant For Android: Review and Download

Cortana Voice Assistant for Android from Microsoft has been leaked in its beta state before its official release on Play Store, you may not know this the Cortana is the sole voice assistant available for Windows phone, the minimum android version required is 4.0 ie. Ice Cream Sandwich.

Cortana For Android

Cortana For Android

Android already has a voice assistant Google Now pre-installed, and there are many other helpful competitors doing the same job even better Robin – the Siri ChallengerHound Beta – Voice Search+Assistant give them a try for having many additional features over Google Now.

Cortana has all the essential elements a Voice assistant require plus everything is well organised, it has all the features available on the Windows version except the  “Hey Cortana” wake up call unavailable in this Android release, Cortana for Android uses bing search engine over Google, plus you need a Microsoft account to sign in, which reveals how Microsoft wants to win Android users, Microsoft is also planning to release Cortana on the iOS later this year.

Before Cortana is released officially on the Play Store, give it a try download the leak here: Cortana For Android Apk


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