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Top Android Apps to Help You Manage Your Time

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Some people might view smartphones and the various apps available as waste of time, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There are plenty of applications that let users manage their lives, their tasks and their time to improve the efficiency of their day to day lives. All you need to do is find the right one for you and take the plunge into the new waters of productivity.

Top Android Apps to Help You Manage Your Time

Top Android Apps to Help You Manage Your Time

Here are some of the very best apps you can find to save you time and manage it wisely:


Evernote is where I turn to on my phone when I need to jot a thought down or don’t have any paper handy. There are plenty of note taking apps on Google Play, but Evernote is the contender in the field and absolutely the best at what it does. You have plenty of space for text, and you can even take a picture or a voice recording as a note. You’ll save time not worrying about remembering small details, and you’ll find that there are ways to annotate your life that will let you focus on the projects and tasks that truly matter.

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Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is the to-do list app that other to-do list apps secretly use when they think no one else is looking. It has enough customization features to tailor itself to your personal life and career so that you aren’t bogged down nor do you feel underwhelmed by the technology. It can even communicate with Evernote and work with your phone to remind you of tasks just when you need reminding or when you’re close to the location of the item. Keeping track of tasks doesn’t get easier than this.

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RescueTime will answer for you the common question of what happened to your day. It will keep tabs on what apps you spend the most time on so you can get a clear figure on how much time you spend “researching” on social media. You can later get graphs to visualize your wasted time so you get spurred into action and a more productive lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll think twice before opening your email when you very well know nothing is in there.

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There are more apps on the Google Play store than any normal person could possibly go through. It would in fact be poor time management to try and search through all of them yourself without any help. Try some of the ones above and see what you think. If you save even a little time, it will be well worth the effort, change and (occasionally) money.

Are there any other Android apps you like to use to make things easier on yourself when planning your day? Do you use any of the apps above and want to talk about them? Is there something you’re hoping for in the time management apps of the future? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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