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Create your own game with Draw Your Game (DYG)

Have you ever wished of creating a game by yourself and wanted the whole world to play it? Every gamer in this world, as much he enjoys playing different games developed by game makers has a desire of having his/her own game which is solely designed by them. Well, developing a game is not a cake-walk but a tough task and if you are among those who don’t have any technical understanding that goes behind making games then it is quite a challenge for you. Today, Android Agent would like to share with you an Android application named Draw Your Game (DYG) which allows anyone to create a game of his own. Yes, an Android app that lets you draw a game of your own and share it with the other users of the app. Let’s take a detailed look at what Draw Your Game (DYG) app has to offer.

Draw Your Game (DYG)

Draw Your Game (DYG) from the developers Korrisoft is a mind blowing application where you can use your imagination to create your own video game. All you need is just a plain white paper along with four different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Black) fairly wide felt-tip pens. One must use his/her own imagination and draw the world for your game using red, green, black and blue colors. Once you are done with it, take a picture of your game world using the Draw Your Game app but before that make sure you follow these certain rules one needs to follow while drawing the game with regards to the colors to be used:

  • The color black can be used only to draw stationary floors/ground
  • Blue color must be used for movable objects that the character can push around
  • For the elements that the character will bounce off of, Green color must be used
  • Red color is used to draw objects that will destroy the character or the blue objects

Once you draw your game world accordingly, take a picture of the world using the DYG app. The DYG app will then process the image and convert it into an actual game. Now enjoy and play your very own video game with your character. DYG also lets you share your creation with other users of the app. You can also create a storyline by adding numerous worlds to your game.

Draw Your Game comes with two modes mainly:

  • Create Mode– This mode lets you create your own game world.
  • Play Mode– This mode has two sub-categories – Catalog and Adventure. To play game worlds from the catalog you need to unlock the DYG app with in-app purchases. The adventure mode lets you play various game worlds designed by various other users.

Draw Your Game (DYG)

Draw Your Game (DYG)


Draw Your Game (DYG)Draw Your Game (DYG)

Draw Your Game (DYG) is certainly one of the Android application that helps convert your imagination into reality. The ability of this app to convert your real world drawings into a game leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfies your thirst of being a game developer. Install DYG on your smartphones and tablets and begin developing some beautiful games using your imagination powers.

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