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Candy Mania Mad: Yet Another Addictive Game

Attention all you Candy game lovers!!!

Today we will be reviewing a latest Android game named Candy Mania Mad from the makers Submad Inc. 

Candy Mania Mad is an amazing candy game which comes with multiple levels. Each level has its own objectives to complete – to gain a certain amount of points, eliminating the certain amount of candies on the blocks and completing the mission in given moves.

All you got to do is match the candies causing the blocks to eliminate and gaining points. It looks easier at the beginning but as you move up to higher levels, the game gets difficult, challenging and more fun to play.

Candy Mania Mad Review

Game Features:

– The Bomb candy and thunder candy.
– More than 100 different levels to play
– Move Bonus to gain three stars
– Different Modes like – Time mode and Moves mode to play
– Multiple blocks – Chocolate block, ice block, lock block, king candy and many other.
– In-App Purchase options available.
Candy Mania Mad Candy Mania Mad: Yet Another Addictive Game

Overall, we can say that the Candy Mania Mad is a sweet and easy to use candy game to play in your casual time.

Why Download:

For those who love playing candy games, will have a great time playing with its smooth and simple interface.

The foremost reason to download this game is for its size which is just under 7MB and doesn’t eat up your memory like the other popular candy games moreover it doesn’t ask for any permission other than for In-app purchase while installing.

So, go ahead download this fresh new game and let us know your thoughts on it.

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