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6 Best TV Remote Apps for Android Device

6 Best TV Remote Apps for Android Device

Want to use your Android device for such a task that most of the people don’t? Want to do something cool with your Android Smartphone or Tablet? Well, controlling your TV or AC using your smartphone will be a cool experience, isn’t it? Yes, now you can control your Smart TV using your Android phone/tablet that comes with built-in IR Blaster. You can use a Remote App to do these tasks easily. You can also use a non-IR Blaster device if your smart TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi feature. So in this post, I’m going to share some top and Best TV Remote Apps for Android. Hope, this list will help you to find an awesome TV remote app for your device.

Best TV Remote Apps for Android

  1. Easy Universal TV Remote

The Easy Universal TV Remote is the first TV Remote app of Google Play that support all major Television. This is an ideal TV remote app for those Android devices that comes with Built-in IR Blaster. But you can also use this app for non-IR Blaster device to control only Smart TV that comes with built-in Wi-Fi. This is a user friendly remote app and easy to configure and connect to any TV. Go to the setting option, select connection mood IR Blaster or Wi-Fi and connect with your TV.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all popular TV Brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony etc.
  • Not compatible with all models of Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic
  • Ideal TV remote app for LG TV
  • Can use an extra IR-Blaster in non-IR Blaster device
  • And much more

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  1. Universal TV Remote Control

The Universal TV Remote Control is also a popular TV remote app for the Android platform that used by more than 9 million people. This app also supports all major TV Brand and works with IR-Blaster phone or tablet. You can easily configure the app, just select your TV brand and connect with your TV.

TV Remote Android Apps androidagent

6 Best TV Remote Apps for Android Device

Key Features

  • User friendly layout like real TV Remote
  • Can control TV, AC and other remote controlled device
  • Support maximum TV Brand
  • Power On/Off Button
  • Volume Button, Mute Button and other essential Button
  • Different remote layouts available
  • If your TV model not supported by the App, then email this app developer team.

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  1. LG TV Remote

If you are looking for a TV remote app to control only LG TV, then the LG TV Remote is the ideal one. This app only compatible with the LG TVs, which are released in 2012 or later. The App works with Only Smart LG TV models which come with built-in Wi-Fi feature.

6 Best TV Remote Apps for Android Device androidagent

LG TV Remote Control

Key Features

  • Support almost all Smart LG TV models
  • Support Mini TV
  • Watch TV channels from your smartphone using this app
  • Built-in Hot keys for volume, power on/off and channel up & down
  • Support LG Smart TV on screen pointer

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  1. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Don’t like to use a free TV remote app? Looking for a premium one? Well, the Smart IR Remote is here with lots of features. You can use it in an IR Blaster enabled Android device, Wi-Fi enabled Smart TV or Infrared enabled device. The app works fine with major Samsung, HTC, LG and other popular Smartphone and tablet.

Android TV Apps androidagent

TV Remote Apps for Android Device

Key Features

  • User friendly layout for newbie users
  • Easy to configure and connect
  • Not compatible with Huawei and Sony phones
  • Home screen widgets

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  1. Remote Control for TV

The Remote Control for TV is another popular Android TV Remote app that also only works with IR-Blaster enabled devices. As almost all latest TV model comes with IR Blaster, so you can use this app to control any TV model from most popular TV brands. If your device doesn’t have IR Blaster, then you can use an external InfraRed or IR Blaster to use this app.

TV Remote Control Android androidagent

TV Remote Control Android | 6 Best TV Remote Apps for Android Device

Key Features

  • Support Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG TVs
  • Can control home theater
  • Compatible with more than 22,000 home theater devices
  • Simple and user friendly interface

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  1. Smart TV Remote

The Smart TV Remote is my last recommended TV Remote App for Android that already used by 19 million people. You can mention this remote app as unofficial Samsung TV Remote App because this app support almost all Samsung TV Models. If you use an additional remote controlled Sound Box or home theater, then you can also use this app to control those devices.

Smart Remote App Android androidagent

Smart Remote App Android

Key Features

  • Support All Samsung B, C, D, F and E Series TV models
  • Save your favorite TV channels for quick access
  • Built-in widgets with easy to access feature
  • User friendly interface and easy to configure

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Over to You

These are top and best TV remote apps for Android and hope you will find an ideal remote app in this list. You can download, install and test one or more remote app to find the perfect one.


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